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Kipuka O Ke Ola

Medical Division of WHHA

Five Mountains Hawaiʻi Inc. (Nā Kuahiwi ʻElima) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that was inspired by Dr. Earl Bakken and Kenneth Brown and has been providing programming to North Hawaiʻi since 1996. In January 2014, FMH elected a new Board of Directors, new Executive Management Team, and began doing business as Kīpuka o ke Ola (KOKO). 

Kīpuka o ke Ola (KOKO), a Native Hawaiian Health Clinic, has been established to address Native Hawaiian health disparities in North Hawaiʻi. On March 28, 2017, KOKO received Federal Accreditation as the 1st Independent Rural Health Clinic in the State of Hawaiʻi. The KOKO Executive Management Team consists of Dr. Claren Kealoha-Beaudet (Executive Director/ClinicalPsychologist), Dr. Franco Acquaro (Associate Director/Clinical Psychologist), and Dr. Ian Chun (Medical Director/Pediatrician/Psychiatrist). 

Kīpuka o ke Ola is designed to provide a full range of bio-psycho-social services to the residents of North Hawaiʻi. It provides culturally-informed direct services, actively collaborates with other like-spirited individuals and organizations, and is led by the community which it serves.

Halau Na Kipuʻupuʻu

Cultural Division of WHHA

Hālau Nā Kīpuʻupuʻu is the Cultural Division of the Waimea Hawaiian Homesteaders’ Association and is a 501(c)3 Native Hawaiian non-profit organization. This hālau or traditional native Hawaiian school is rooted in the practices of ancient Hawaiʻi, the great Kamehameha family and his famous Kīpuʻupuʻu Warriors that descend from the Puʻukapu plains of Waimea on the slopes of Mauna Kea. Anchored in the Hawaiian culture and language this hālau is immersed in ancient traditions and practices of the Hawaiian people.  

Kuhio Hale Farmers Market

Agriculture Division of WHHA

Kuhio Hale Farmers Market is back! Due to this pandemic we are bringing you a new curbside Farmers Market.

Every Saturday

8am-12 at

Kuhio Hall (DHHL)

Kuhio Hale Farmers Market offers fresh organic products farmed and raised here on Homestead land by real farmers.We honor safe practices in compliance with Covid-19. Every customer should abide by our safe practice rules.

1. Stay in your cars.
2. Produce will be in plain view.
3. Pick and pay.

Come as you are, Stay in your car, Pick and pay, Have a nice day!

Kula Iwi O Holoholoku

Burial/Cemetery Division of WHHA

The Kula Iwi O Holoholoku is the cemetery and burial division of the Waimea Hawaiian Homesteaders Association. One of the first committees formed as they have been creating and working the logistics for a needed cemetery for the Waimea people. Due to to the full and over-populated few cemeteries in this region, it is vital for this division to create one for our loved ones.

The Kuhio Ball

Scholarship Division of WHHA

The Kuhio Ball is an annual holoku ball dinner event that is held at different historic homes and storied places in Waimea. This is an annual scholarship drive bringing in funds to award out scholarship for Hawaiians seeking higher education. The Kuhio Ball is nearly in its 10th year and has become an event one should not miss! Held around Prince Kuhio's birthday weekend annually.

Green House Grant Project

Agriculture/Farming Division of WHHA

The Green house project aimed to teach agricultural lessee about farming and self sustainability. It operated for 4 years and was successful in teaching 60 families of the Puʻukapu region about greenhouse farming practices in Waimea.  Some of these families have gone to expand their farms participating in the Kuhio Hale Farmers Market. This project has been completed.

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